Friday, 11 May 2012

MrAlshahawy Belle Extra Buttons v1.02(0) S^3 Belle Unsigned Retail ene49 (CepTeam)

Belle Extra Buttons places two additional buttons on the toolbar of the homescreen and applications grid.
Belle Extra Buttons supports both Landscape and portrait mode.
You can select between:
- Lock / Restart button (Restart phone on long press).
- Battery level / Power Saving Mode button (Activate / Deactivate Power Saving Mode on long press).
-Task switcher / Close open apps button (Close all open applications on long press).

MrAlshahawy CallGuard v1.02(0) S^1 S^3 Anna Belle Unsigned Retail ene49 (CepTeam)

Call Guard prevents accidental disconnects and mutes during a phone call.
It covers the buttons with semitransparent dialog, which can be removed with a single finger swipe, when you want to mute or disconnect for real.
Supports auto-start and hiding from tasks list.
Retail ene49 CepTeam.

1. Vibrate when out call answered:
This option reduces the amount of time of having the mobile phone on your ears, by playing a vibration when your call is answered.
2. Fixed the bug on Nokia E7 devices, when opening / closing the keyboard during the call, which causes the 'Semi Transparent' cover to be on wrong position.

Tomik Simple Timer Plus v1.00(0) S^3 Anna Belle Signed Retail by Phatom

Simple Timer Plus is an elegant and simplified timer for everyday timing purposes (sports, cooking, counting to next break etc.).
Just rotate the timer knob to set desired amount of time. Analarm sound and optionally vibration is triggered when timer reaches zero.
- 5 beautiful themes
- 10 alarm sounds
- Time unit switch (seconds/minutes) for better time setting control
- Volume and vibration settings

Retailed by Phatom.

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